Fareham Harmony Hall & Masonic Centre Queen's Road Telephone:- 01329-234249 Email:-farehammasonicclub@btconnect.com Bookings:- fmcbookings@btconnect.com

The Fareham Masonic Hall has been catering for all Masonic requirements in Fareham since the mid 1930s

The Masonic Hall is home to the following groups:-

11 craft Lodges No.309   Lodge of Harmony

                          487   Portsmouth Lodge

                          5295 St Vincent Lodge

                          5532 Hermes Lodge

                          7920 Bishopswood Lodge

                          8189 Titchfield Abbey Lodge

                          8582 Fareham Lodge

                          8681 Wessex Lodge of Fidelety

                          8694 Master Builders Lodge

                          8867 Fleet Air Arm Lodge

                          8970 Karwan Lodge

5 Royal Arch Chapters  No. 309  Chapter of Harmony

                                     487  The Portsmouth Chapter

                                     2938 Daintree Chapter

                                     5295 St Vincent

                                     8681 Wessex Chapter of Fidelity  

2 Rose Croix  No. 683 Chapter of Sincerity


1 Order of the Secret Monitor

1 Mark Masons Lodge  No. 875 Harmony Lodge of Mark Master Masons

1 Royal Ark Mariners Lodge No. 875 Harmony Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners

1 Lodge of Instruction